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Nexpert X is an Australian-based company that connects Businesses with a growing community of verified industry-experienced professionals to help solve immediate business problems.

Nexpert X matches businesses with industry-experienced Executives, General Managers and Consulting professionals, and facilitates the delivery of customised pieces of work to suit businesses’ unique needs, time-frames and budgets.

From Business services to Management and Technology consulting, Nexpert X offers outcomes-based service packages to assist Australian businesses to plan, operate, and improve strategically.

Nexpert X Vision

A thriving and empowered Australian business community

Nexpert X Mission

To democratise the provision of Professional Services to Australian Businesses

Nexpert X Values


Founder, Director and Expert

Ash Dhareshwar

Recently during a long-overdue break from work I had the opportunity to take time for myself, and reflect on my past and future opportunities.

Over the course of 19 years I have had the privilege to lead some of Australia’s biggest business optimisation and emerging technology programs. This includes having worked with some amazing and specialised professionals, from business leaders to top-tier consultants, who are passionate about helping businesses thrive.

As I reflected, I joined some dots. I love working with people and am passionate about technology. I wanted the flexibility of offering professional services that matched my personal experience and capabilities, on my own terms, directly with businesses in my network who needed access to specialised skills that could support them to transform their business, and scale as needed.

As I looked at the options available in the market to get me started, none allowed me (or businesses) these combined features.

So with a two-way value creation mission, Nexpert X was born.

Thanks for being part of the Nexpert X community – I look forward to seeing you and your businesses, grow and transform on Nexpert X.

Ash Dhareshwar

Vice President and MD, Association of Corporate Counsel

Tanya Khan

Ms Tanya Khan is an association executive and lawyer with 20 years’ experience in private, not-for-profit and public sector organisations. Tanya has a Bachelor of Laws and an MBA from Melbourne Business School, and is committed to assisting organisations achieve superior commercial and strategic outcomes, and legal and risk profiles.

Tanya is currently Vice President & Managing Director, Australia and Asia Pacific, for the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC). In her role Tanya oversees all ACC operations in the region, including initiatives in the areas of membership growth, education, advocacy, development of resources and communications that support ACC’s members and advance ACC’s visibility and growth.

Business owner and innovative marketer

David Merhi

David Merhi is a small business owner and innovative marketer with over 15 years industry experience. At his Business ‘NAB Marketing’ David plays a broad role that spans from running day to day operations to setting the strategic direction through market development and acquisitions.

David enjoys marketing and is always introducing innovative products into the hospitality, food service and commercial cleaning markets. He holds a Bachelor of International Business and an MBA from Melbourne Business School.

Innovation executive

Raj Shetgar

Raj Shetgar works as an innovation coach helping large organisations to innovate fast and start-ups to scale. In the past Raj has worked for Bosch as an innovation manager leading innovation activities for Asia Pacific region. His specialty is helping identify opportunities and launching new products/services.

Raj is passionate about Lean Startup and assists teams to apply these methods to minimize failures while exploring ideas. He mentors many start-ups guiding them with their product-market fit journey.

He has an undergrad degree in software, Masters degree in Electronics Engineering and an MBA from Melbourne Business School.

Business owner and Entrepreneur

Amit Shreewastav

Amit is deeply passionate about making positive and sustainable contributions to societies through the provision of quality and innovative services. For over five years, Amit has been managing multiple businesses, ranging from student placement services to the immigration advisory.

With his 16 years of corporate experience, Amit has attained a wide range of management skills including governance, strategy formulation, stakeholder management, and program delivery.

Amit holds a Bachelor of Applied Science from RMIT University, a Graduate Certificate in Migration Law from the Australian National University and a Master of Business Administration from Melbourne Business School.

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