How to create, productise and sell your unique service offerings using Nexpert X?

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Productising your service offerings, not only saves you time and money in the long term, but it gives businesses seeking expertise a systemised proposition of your ability, what they can expect from your services and how much it will cost them.

Your service offering is your unique capability, which is why it’s important for you to have every opportunity to showcase this, so you can increase, scale and make more businesses take notice of what you’re great at.

A one-stop-shop for productising and selling unique service offerings, Nexpert X streamlines creating, quoting, contracting and invoicing of service offerings in the form of service packages.

Furthermore, introducing Nexpert X to businesses you may be working with within your sales cycle, allows you to certify your value and ratify the creditability of your offering through the backing of the platforms verification and endorsement system.

And it just takes a few simple steps for you to create, productise and sell your unique service offerings on Nexpert X, joining a dynamic digital catalogue of outcomes-based service packages to assist Australian businesses.

Follow the steps below to create your own unique productised service offering:

Step 1: Sign up on Nexpert X

To create your profile:

1. Select ‘Register’ on the top right of screen and enter your email address.
2. Create your unique username and enter a password.

Step 2: Set up your Profile

Once you validate your email, you can head over to your dashboard, which is located on the top right of screen, where you can begin setting up your profile.

Here you can add your-
– Profile picture
– Executive summary
– Location
– Professional info
– Billing info

Step 3: Plan, Contemplate and Strategize

Nexpert X is a digital channel that allows businesses anywhere in Australia and at any time to view and purchase your productised service offerings.

Before placing your package onto a dynamic digital catalogue of service outcomes solving business problems, ask yourself these questions-

– Customers are people just like you, if you needed a problem solved, what information would you like them to know?
– Could you offer independent assessments prior to purchase?
– Could you analyse a problem and provide unique recommendations?
– Is there a broader range of expertise you can offer as part of this service?
– What are some of the proactive activities you would take on, if this was your business? Or are there services you could curate for this service?
– Who is this package suitable for?
– Is this ideal for a short-term project or is this built for on-going engagements?

Step 4: Create your unique service package

With your profile verified, you’re ready to offer your expertise.

Click on ‘Post a service package’ on the top right of screen. Here you will be taken to the service creation page to add the details of your productised service offerings-

1. Start by choosing a business problem that your service can solve and craft that into your description.
2. Add the Price incl. Service Fee and Delivery time.
3. Choose a service category that suits your expertise and also include any secondary industries linked to your service. If you cannot find a category for your service, you can request one by contacting us.
4. Write the description of your service, including as many details that will help a business understand your service offering.
5. Outline your service terms and add your service agreement. If you don’t have one just insert this link and use the Nexpert X standard end service agreement.
6. Add visual content to present and make your package stand out. You can add up to 5 images.
7. If you have a service video or a business overview video, include the link.
8. Add any extra services that can be purchased as ‘optional add-ons’ that might complement but aren’t compulsory as part of your service.
9. Add your welcome message, where you get to express yourself and set up the first impression of your interaction with the business that purchases your service package.
10. Finally, click ‘Save’ and send your service package to our team for a quick approval within 1 business day.

Step 5: You are part of a dynamic digital catalogue of outcomes-based service packages

If everything checks out, we will give you the green light and send you a confirmation email advising that your package is approved and now live on Nexpert X.

Businesses can now view your offering on the service package page and also through your public profile.

We hope you found this article helpful.

If you are still unsure on how to create, productise and sell your unique service on Nexpert X, email [email protected] for complimentary guidance and support through the process.