Our digital program veterans will work with you and your key stakeholders to kickstart your digital program by ensuring you have a great strategy in place, and everything ready to go to start your digital program. We will provide you with strategy documentation, a high-level business case, and platform selection recommendations so that you can get your program started successfully.

How we deliver

  1. Discover – We will assess your business and IT goals, current technology landscape, existing API Platforms you have, as well as the structure of your business.
  2. Design and Document – Working within your business strategy and IT landscape we will review existing platforms, any new technology that may be required, and document  a Digital Strategy, high-level business case and platform recommendations.

Confidence to execute

We will provide you the tools and data you need to convince your business to pursue an API-first strategy and to successfully kickstart your digital program.


  • Digital Strategy document – this strategy, tailored to your business, can be taken by you to your board, executive and budget planning teams to help ensure your strategy is accepted by the business.
  • Business plan – supporting the Digital Strategy, a high-level business plan will cover the implementation of a digital program and will give you confidence to have convincing conversations during budget and project planning.
  • API Platform recommendation – after reviewing your current IT landscape with will review existing technology and make a recommendation on the right platform technology to meet your needs.

Please send us a message to discuss the suitability of this service package to your business.

At Sonrai consulting we aim to help businesses in Australia on their Digital and API journey. We enable and deliver successful Digital and API programs for businesses so that they can become exceptionally efficient with their customers, partners and suppliers. You can visit our website by clicking here