Avoid logging into your CRM or shuffling through your notes to personalise your conversations the moment you receive a call from a prospect or client.

You now have the freedom to talk on the go and view prospects or clients details the moment they call you- to you close that sale and/or build your relationship with them.

Introducing ClientCue- an application that integrates your CRM with your mobile phone to give you immediate access to information that could include:

  • Name of your prospect/client
  • Current status of the sales opportunity
  • Date of the last conversation
  • Any key takeaways from your latest conversation with this prospect/client
  • Relevant personal information, such as birthday, postcode, and much more

Customised to the information you need displayed, ClientCue-

Reduces the time to gather customer data prior to picking up an incoming client call

Improves overall customer satisfaction

Heightens the knowledge of your sales team.

How does ClientCue integrate your CRM and mobile?

ClientCue utilises Zapier (online integrator) to connect your CRM with the contact information on your mobile. The integration is then linked by our team to your specific CRM data and your mobile to set up the ClientCue integration. You could expect the client information to show up when you receive an incoming call.

Who created ClientCue and why it was created?

ClientCue was the winning solution created as part of Service Hack 2020, a virtual event to create unique and innovative productised services to help Australian businesses adapt.

The ClientCue team of Minjie Shi, Bar Galon, Denise Pinto, Rose Tanti and Dean Naicker bring multiple years’ experience across a range of expertise, specially in the space of-

  • End-to-end UX/UI design
  • No-code automation tools such as Zapier, Integromat, and Parabola
  • Building web and mobile apps using Glide, Webflow, and Adalo

Who ClientCue is suited to?

  • If you are running a sales team or are a sales executive in a Small-to-Medium enterprise and would like to improve your connections with customers.
  • If you are in an industry that requires frequent and regular catchups with clients, such as Migration agencies and Real Estate agencies.
  • If you are planning to or are already managing your contacts using tools such as Google Contacts.
  • If you are using a standalone CRM system (see FAQ’s for CRM list) that you use to keep track of notes from interactions with your clients.


If you decide to go ahead with ClientCue for your business, there are five stages of delivery-

Stage 1- Discovery:

We would spend between 2 to 4 hours with you to understand your needs, primarily to understand your current system for maintaining client/prospect information and to discover the key information you would like displayed when an incoming customer call is received.

From here we will confirm the final package for your business (delivery times, final costs and project deliverables) for you to go ahead with.

Delivery- This is delivered remotely, however in-person meetings are available if you are based in Metropolitan New South Wales.

The next 4 stages will be implemented once the final package has been confirmed and may be modified based on your needs-

Stage 2- Design & Implementation:

With the key information gathered, we will access your CRM and design the incoming call screen to then complete the setup between your CRM, Zapier and the phone for ClientCue to be set up for testing.

Delivery- This is completed remotely.

Stage 3- Testing:

We will run our final tests of ClientCue, check for errors, and modify/update any information to ensure it is displaying as per your requirements.

Delivery- This is completed remotely.

Stage 4- Launch and Handover:

Once ClientCue has been tested and confirmed to be working, we will conduct a Simulation Session to explain how the connection works so that you can see it live, show you how to conduct minor troubleshooting yourself and answer any questions you have.

Delivery- This is completed remotely.

Step 5- Maintenance

Once ClientCue is implemented, for the first 4 weeks from launch, we will be available for 1 x hour of support per week.

Delivery- This is completed remotely.


A. Press the ENQUIRE NOW button to set up a free consultation or if you have any questions. 

B. Press the ORDER NOW button to buy the package through Nexpert X

Client Cue FAQs

Q- What CRM’s does ClientCue support?

ClientCue supports the following CRM’s-

  • Vtiger
  • Hubspot
  • Salesforce
  • Zoho

ClientCue does work with other CRM’s on a case to case basis, get in touch with us to check compatibility.

How many devices does ClientCue work on?

ClientCue can be set up on a single or multiple devices. We will analyse and review your CRM set up and devices during the discovery call.

Q- What is the turn-around time?

From Discovery Call to Launch, ClientCue can be set up for you in as little as 6 weeks. The majority of the set-up work, i.e. discovery, design and setup, is done in the first 2 weeks.

Q- Does ClientCue work on all mobile operating systems?

Unfortunately, ClientCue is only supported on Android devices currently.

Q- What additional costs will I have to consider?

Outside the costs for ClientCue to integrate your CRM and mobile device, there are the below additional costs-

  • A paid Zapier plan- You will need this as part of the solution, we can recommend a plan based on the size of your database during the discovery call.
  • Graphic design for your personalised ClientCue display- We can provide you with the specifications for you to design this internally, or we will provide you with a quote for the display to be created based on your recommendation.
  • Any additional work, including updates/modifications post-launch will be charged at an hourly rate of $100 incl GST per hour.

Q- Could I have information from multiple CRM’s reflected in the incoming call image?

Yes, this can be achieved. Please raise this with us during the discovery call.

Q- How safe and secure is my clients’ data when using Zapier?

Please see the full detail of Zapier’s data privacy policy here.

Q- How is the success of ClientCue measured?

We will set up measurables, in agreement with you, prior to setting up ClientCue and then follow up with either quarterly or half-yearly reviews to measure the satisfaction and success, as well as look at what can be improved.