Solution Overview

As we are now getting more and more information from our clients using various CRM systems, sales professionals like yourself need a way quickly to see the primary data of your clients when you receive a call from them. Such access to the information is the foundation to deliver a more personalised sales conversation.

So, ClientCue is here to help you achieve that. ClientCue utilises an online integrator to connect your CRM with the contact information on your phone. With such connections established, you would be able to see the data about your client the moment you see the incoming call screen. The information you see will come from your CRM, and that could include the following:

  • Name of your client
  • Current status of the sales opportunity
  • Date of the last conversation
  • Any key takeaways from your latest conversation with this client
  • Relevant personal information, such as birthday, postcode, and many more

Delivery Method

There are four essential stages to go through to deliver the ClientCue solution:

Discovery: this is to understand the existing CRM system you are using and the map out all the primary fields of information to display on the incoming call screen
Design & Implementation: this is to design the incoming call screen and conduct the setup of the CRM, integrator, and your phone so that the ClientCue solution could work
Test: this is to test the established ClientCue solution and explore any further improvement required
Handover & Maintenance: Once we have agreed on the delivery, I will handover all the setup in the integrator and run a short education session to share with you how you can modify the configurations if needed. On top of that, this service package contains weekly support hour for a month.

Inclusion of this Service Package

This exclusive service package contains 24 hours of work to delivery the ClientCue solution to all Australian businesses. If there is any additional hours of work incurred, the cost will increase at a rate of $100 per hour.


If you have any further question about this service package, feel free to press the enquire now button, and I am happy to go through any questions you might have.

Note: this solution was developed as part of the Nexpert X – Service Hack 2020.