I will complete a comprehensive marketing audit of your business to set up recommendations for what you wish to achieve.

This will be completed in 3 stages-

  1. Discovery- Split across 2 x 2 hour sessions with your and your team to understand where you currently are at and understand what your goals/objectives are
  2. Review- With permission access your marketing assets (website, social media, etc), a cross-examination will be completed on what your current actions and outcomes are
  3. Recommendations- A document will be provided based on achieving your goals based on what you need to do urgently, what you need to do progressively and what you need to do in the long term to meet your goals.

The areas of your business that will be audited are-

  • Branding- colours, tone/messaging, font, etc
  • Social Media
  • Online- incl Website and search presence
  • Advertising activity (last 12 month) and perceived Return on Investment
  • Collateral
  • Supporting marketing elements (what tools do your provide your team)
  • Target Audience/Segmentation Analysis
  • Any other relatable areas linked to your business and industry

This audit is currently on offer for only businesses in the health care, small business and real estate industries.