How your Business operates in difficult circumstances, and pursues a clear vision and focused strategic direction, often comes down to the effectiveness of its Executive Leadership group.

How well does your Executive Leadership group function?

  • Does it recognise individual difference in leadership style?
  • Do you as the leader consider these individual differences when working individually and within the team?
  • Do your team dynamics work to foster effective decision making or hinder it?
  • How can you as the leader gain an insight into the most effective ways of working with your key executives?

This service package is offered to assist SME Companies who want to maximise the teamwork and synergies of their executive leadership team. Working closely with you and your leadership team, the service outcome can be delivered in 3 stages;

  1. Initial Assessment to build understanding of business goals, operating environment and key individuals.
  2. Specific individual behavioural assessment Program to determine unique key strengths and the optimum work environments to promote these strengths.
  3. Executive Team Briefing Workshop and implementation plan.

Please feel free to message me to discuss the service in detail. We can catch-up over a coffee if you are Melbourne based or connect over a video call.

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