Our experienced consultants will provide a deep dive assessment to create a Program Go to Green plan, focusing on programs in red or amber program status, that require a turn-around to deliver on program and organisational goals.

The Go to Green plan will review strategy, delivery, finance, governance, and assurance to design an approach and action plan to remediate program performance. Our plan will also uncover root cause issues and provide options for recovery.

Act proactively

All clients have the option of delivering the Go to Green plan or deploy our experienced resources to lead and execute turnaround programs within your organisation in three modes, either as advisors, supplementary roles (individual placement within existing teams) or supplementary teams (full team placement service).

Our Program run services help execute go-to green plans and provide the right support and execution experience to remediate your program and help to drive ongoing program performance.

This service is suitable for small to medium size companies and is based on a daily time & materials rate of $1,200 per day

At Collagis, our goal is to optimise workforce and organisational effectiveness. We deliver a holistic range of service and experience offerings to drive sustainable and effective transformational change.

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