The Desiree workshop enables employees who are challenged by remote work to design their own reality.


Our goal is to change the inertia and friction that has evolved with the new normal. 

This gamified, virtual workshop will get employees to collectively re-design their remote working experience within problem areas of: 


productivity | employee wellbeing | collaboration


Three Key Outcomes

By being part of our experiential solution, employees and leaders will:

  1. Collectively identify and ideate around existing remote working pain points

  2. Learn and apply design thinking problem solving techniques

  3. Gain new skills in virtual collaboration tools such as Slack and Miro.

The Co-design Journey

Before the workshop

Prior to the workshop we will send out a Pre-workshop survey and participant preparation pack. 

During with workshop

The workshop starts with a mindset warm-up activity that is designed to help people feel comfortable within the team environment- especially for participants who are shy, skeptical or normally introverted and disengaged to have clarity and feel more confident about the core workshop and familiar with the collaboration tool. We will then as a group, explore three key problem areas of productivity, employee wellbeing and collaboration. The next step will be to lead the team through the design process of ideation and prioritisation around solutions that address the key problems. Finally, as a group will be to design some tools that evaluate the effectiveness of these solutions. 

After the workshop

We will focus on ensuring value continues by firstly sending out a post-workshop survey that captures any feedback as well as providing a private channel for sharing viewpoints. We will then send a recommendation report that summarises the key findings from the workshop and the tangible action step for immediate improvement and R.O.I. 




Pre Workshop Deliverables

Pre-workshop survey

Participant preparation pack


1 Day Virtual, Miro based Workshop

Mindset warm up activity

Explore 3 problem areas: 

productivity | employee wellbeing | collaboration

Ideate/Design solutions

Prioritise solutions

Design evaluation tools


Post Workshop Deliverables

Post-workshop surveys

Recommendation report

Follow up plan

Evaluation toolkit


Note: this solution was developed as part of the Nexpert X – Service Hack 2020.